Radical Unschooling:

It's Not Always Perfect

Would You Let Her Quit? Part 2

Late Nights

"Hardly Doing Anything."

Goal Setting

Would You Let Her Quit?

What I Mean When I Say "Radical Unschooling"

Communicating with My Three Year Old

Radical Days- Making Plans

Radical Days- Posted Unrules (Solutions!)

Can Radical Unschoolers have a Schedule?  
             Will make more sense if read in context with My Schedule

Radical Days- Curriculum

Radical Days- Taking Note of Generosity and Kindness

 Radical Days- How Educational is Educational Tv?

Getting Stuck and Finding Ways to Flow

What's Working and What's Not Working

Following Interests

My Kids Play All Day

Take a Deep Breath and Wait

Life Skills

When They Watch the Same Thing Over and Over...

Ok, I Quit!

Say Yes More- Days 7-9

Say Yes More- Days 3-6

Say Yes More- Day 2

Say Yes More

Writing Her Name

More on Unschooling, Food and Health

Radical Unschooling and Raw Foods

Here's Another Example

Yes we are radical unschoolers, no we are not permissive

My Kid is in So Much Trouble!

Food, Choices and Joy

Sid the Science Kid

Monkey Platter


I Refuse To Call it a Schedule

Brushing Teeth

Following Interests and Natural Learning:

Making Acorn Flour


Pencil Sketching

First Day of School (aka Catching Lizards)

Typical Day
A Day at the Lake

Homemade paints and a thank you note

E's First Official Not-School Year 

My Oldest Is Reading!

Loomed their own hats, won first place at the fair


Caterpillar to Moth

Pop Concert

Welcome Home D!


Fire Trucks

Letter to Restaurant 

New Moons, Full Moons, Biblical Months, Meteor Showers

History, Logging, Box Factory

Reading the Bible  

Building a Dollhouse

Mine Craft Statue

Yummy Canoli

Bacterial Cells

Reading- Oh, So Close! 

Snakes and Worms and Snails- Oh My!

Testing A Hypothesis

Birds and Thank You Notes

Review of Zoodles

Inevitable Learning- Experiments

When Did You Learn That?!

Inevitable Learning- Strewing Games

Inevitable Learning- UNO

Perspective Thursday- An Interview

Inevitable Learning- Tornadoes

Inevitable Learning- Joking Around

Inspiration Sunday- Pumpkin Pie and Break Dancing

Perspective Thursdays- A Walk in the Dark

Inevitable Learning- Snakes



Hot Air Balloon Races

Smashing Grapes

Homemade Paints

Life is What Happens While You are Making Other Plans

August Learning Inspiration

Personality Differences

Skeletons, Pig's Brain, Eyeballs and Starfish


Typical Day

Cooking, Measuring, Fractions

A Letter for Grandpa


More Numbers

Taking Initiative


Math Game

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere!

E's First Race

Glass Fusing

Native American Pow Wow, Traditions and Dance

Flowing Days

Caves, Caverns and Catacombs


More Connections With China 

Chinese Dance and Dragon Boats


The Story E Told Me Today

More Random Things

I Spy


Lots of Random Things

Typical Day 

More Bugs!


Mice, Ants, Grasshoppers and Worms


Shark Body Parts

Arasa the Mouse

Learning to Add

Busy, Busy

What Are Our Bodies Made Of?

So Many Questions

Sign Language and Spelling


Sign Language

Neglectful, Schoolish or Option C?

Full, Fun Day

First Allowance

A Walk In the Dark

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