Friday, January 30, 2009

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie....

I love these books! We just discovered them last week. They remind me of unschooling.

Here's my version based on the last few days:

If you give a girl a computer
She'll want to watch a show
So, you'll find her a show about horses
When she sees the horses
She'll want to ride one
So, you'll find her a horse to ride
She'll like riding the horse so much
That she'll want to do it all the time
So, she'll go home and sit on the couch
And ride her horse
Then she'll need some reins
So, she'll find a cell phone charger
And she'll need a saddle
So, you'll give her a blanket
And she'll need a helmet
So, she'll find her hat
She'll have so much fun riding
that she'll want you to join her
So, you'll ride her horse too
And you'll both go to the barn with the horse
And the horse will be tired and hurt
So, she'll make the horse better
But she'll need some medicine for the horse
So, you'll get her a water bottle and bandages
And while she's fixing up her horse
She'll see her Go Fish Cards
And she'll ask you to play with her
So, you'll play Go Fish
And when she sees the fish
She'll want to count them
So, you'll count together
Counting will remind her of
Counting the horse's dressage steps on her horse show
And chances are, when she thinks about her horse show
She'll want to use the computer

Sweet Sleeping Baby

Second Riding Lesson

E had her second horse back riding lesson a few days ago at the Rice Ranch. She had a lot of fun! She got to hold the reins this time and the horse trotted. She wanted to trot again and again. He also showed her how to stop the horse by pulling back on the reins and how to cue the horse to walk with her legs.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

E cooked herself scrambled eggs for the first time a few days ago. She always helps me in the kitchen, but this time she informed me she wanted to do it herself. So, she did everything from getting the eggs out of the fridge, to cracking them in the bowl, stiring them up, pouring them in the pan, and stirring them while they cooked. She needed a little help stirring them in the pan, because she couldn't get them unstuck. I tried a bite, and she cooks good eggs!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

L is Officially Crawling

And I didn't get a picture! But I did get a picture of her getting into her sister's books.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

VBAC site

I just found a great VBAC information site. I haven't looked at everything, but it seems to be very medically and scientifically based. So, of course, it is pro VBAC and HBAC.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yoga and Meditation

I used to do yoga and meditation a lot. That and writing a lot is what kept me sane in high school. It was the only way I could slow down and relax. I've done it off and on for the last few years, and it feels so good when I get back into a routine. Tonight, after the girls fell asleep, I did yoga for about an hour. I started with a dvd I got from the library. It was slow, relaxing yoga to get ready for meditation. After I meditated for a while, I did a harder yoga workout. I feel so loose and limber now, and my mind feel so quiet. It's great!

I know the idea of meditation is scary to some people. They think of opening up your mind to allow anything in. The type of meditation I do isn't like that though. Part of yoga is meditation- I focus on my breath and am aware of each muscle in my body. It's nice to close out the rest of the world for a while and just be aware of how I am moving, which muscles are tense, consciouly relaxing tense spots and moving a little deeper into each pose with each breath.

Then I sit for a while and meditate. Sometimes I focus on just being aware of everything going on around me in that moment. Tonight I listened to my breath, and the sound of the girls breathing as they slept. The muffled sound of D's game coming from the other room. Then wind and traffic outside. I was aware of the changes in light, the smell of the carpet and lingering scent of dinner. I noted the feel of the yoga mat beneath me and that the room was a little cold.

Sometimes I meditate on a thought or Bible verse or prayer. Today felt really hectic and crazed, so with tonight being the start of Shabbot, I wanted to go into it relaxed and centered. I meditated on a prayer for Yeshua to cover me in comfort and peace and that I would spread that to my family.

I'm really going to try to build it back into my daily routine. When I'm doing yoga and meditation every day or at least a few times a week, I find it so much easier to relax "on demand" when I feel myself getting irritated or life getting too hectic. It really helps me be more aware and in the moment with E, too.

Cheap Natural Body Care

I was thinking today about how much (or little) I spend on body care products. I don't wear makeup. I use Dr. Bronner's for shampoo, body wash and face wash, and I use Almond Oil for lotion. Dr. Bronner's is about $12 for a 32oz bottle and it lasts me about 6 months. Almond Oil is about $10 for a 16oz bottle, which also lasts about 6 months. That's less than $50 a year!

I'm trying to find a good replacement for toothpaste. I used toothsoap for a while, because my mom bought it for me. I loved the ingredients and the way it made my teeth feel, but I don't like the chips. There is something just gross about picking the chips out of the container with my fingers. Even though my hands are clean, I feel like stuff will get on the other chips and grow or something. And toothsoap is expensive! So, I want to find a homemade recipe or buy some kind of toothpowder or liquid, but I can't decide which one.

I'm also looking for a natural deodorant replacement or essential oil perfume, and a good homemade exfoliater. After all that, I should still easily fall under $100 a year for myself and two kids!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Decorated

I'm really bad about decorating. I have lived in one place for as long as 2 years and not put a single picture on the wall. So, I'm pretty proud of myself for actually decorating a little bit. The wall scone was a Christmas gift, and we found the plaques at the dollar store yesterday- cheap, huh? But it works. Now all I need is some big candles for the candle holders on the entertainment center.

Secure High Back Carry

I put L in a SHBC this morning while I was working around the house. I like it a lot better than the rucksack. She fell asleep while I was doing dishes, so I tucked her head under the side.

After being sick for a week, and then that weird inconsolable crying episode, she's been pretty fussy. She gets really mad every time she poops. Or if she's playing with something and we have to take it from her. She kind of squeals and screams. She's been nursing non-stop, so I think she's going through a growing spurt. She's so close to crawling, but just can't quite do it, and it's making her so frustrated. She just wants to go!

I think wearing her more will help. I stopped wearing her as much as I used to, because its so easy to pass her off to D when he's home and then get things done. Then she's always in-arms, but always sitting down, and that's boring. Now that I have a good back carry figured out, it will be easy to just strap her on and work like I used to.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Riding Lesson

Sunday was E's first horse back riding lesson. We had scheduled it 3 weeks ago, and she had been really looking forward to it. We drove 40 minutes to get there.... and no one was there! I couldn't believe it! We knocked on the door, went out to the barn, looked all around, called a few times. Nothing.

She was so sad when I said we'd have to leave! She cried and I almost cried for her. We went to the nearest town and got some pizza. While we were there I called around and found another place that does riding lessons, that was able to fit us in that night!

So, three hours, five extra dollars, and 20 miles later, she got her riding lesson, and she had a lot of fun. She got to brush the pony too. It was a little chestnut gelding. Of course, I didn't get any pictures! I left the camera on all day in the car, and by the time I tried to take a picture of her riding, the battery was dead.

The next day the other place called me, and said that they had two calendars going because of the new year, and looked at the wrong one that morning. They thought they didn't have any appointments, so they left for the day. I was hoping for a better excuse, like someone died or something. They did offer to give E a free lesson to make up for it though, so I'll take them up on that. And get pictures this time!

Friday, January 9, 2009


E made a horse out of clay.


I've been talking to my sister about our kids' recent interests, and I sent this to her. Just some things that Ezabella likes lately, and how I've been helping her explore those interests or things that I would like to do soon to help her.

Horses- She has some horse books that she likes. She watches a cartoon called Horseland and has learned a lot of terminology from it. She's now talking about lateral steps, jumping competitions, reins, the difference between an English and Western saddle, etc. We go to the carousel every time we are in Salem, which she LOVES. Her first riding lesson is on Sunday. For now I can only afford once a month, but I'm going to try to find a way to do more.

Dragons- she's always talking about them and pretending to be one. I don't have many ideas for this except to find one of those Chinese parades where they have the people dressed up like dragons. She watches a video on youtube of someone speed painting a dragon. I should try to find some more dragon art and stories.

Belly Dancing- we watch belly dancing videos and dance together. I'd like to take her to a belly dancing show, but it might be hard to find one that is kid friendly. I'm going to try though.

Pretty much any kind of animal- she likes the vidoes on the national geographics website. We read books about animals, too. We need to get outside more often to see some real animals, but between the constant rain and living in the city, it's hard. We should spend more time at the river behind our house-there's a little wildlife back there. We go to the zoo every few months.

Cooking/ food- she's always pretending to cook/eat/make food. We play a lot of pretend restaurant games. She helps me cook, but I don't do it very often. Damien cooks more often, but she isn't as interested in helping him. I need to cook more.

Car racing- she loves the movie Cars. I would like to take her to an actual race.

Art- she's really loving all the art supplies everyone got her for her birthday. I need to get her more crafty things.

Any ideas for me? Ways to expand on her current interests or things to strew that she might like?

Look How Fast I Am

Future Soccer Player

Thursday, January 8, 2009


E used chopsticks for the second time in her life tonight, and she's better at using them than I am! That's probably because she practiced and practiced until she got it right, and I have only ever taken a few bites and given up. We brought some home so she can keep eating with them if she wants too.

Avalon Arcade

We went to the Avalon Arcade in Portland today. It's a nickel arcade in an old theatre. It's really cool! E had a lot of fun, and she really liked the racing games.
We were there with the Portland Radical Unschoolers group. I was looking forward to talking with the other moms, but the arcade wasn't the best place for that. We were all too spread out and busy helping kids. Hopefully, next time we'll meet somewhere better for both talking and playing.
Still, it was fun playing with E, and I'm sure we'll go back on our own!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learning to use the camera

E's been using my camera the last few days. I put the strap around her neck, showed her where the clicky button is, and let her go. Here's a picture she took of me cooking dinner.

Rucksack Carry

This is the first time I've ever carried L on my back. I LOVE my Moby wrap for the front carries, but she's getting a little too big. I LOVE my Ergo for the back, but she's still too small. I really, really want a woven wrap for the back, but I decided to try the Moby. It worked, but my technic needs some fine tuning. I hardly wear her around the house anymore. Since Damien is home a lot, I just pass her off to him when I need to do something. Still, it's nice to know that I can always do a back carry with her if I need to do something when he's gone.

My breastfeeding picture on facebook

I posted my first ever picture on the internet. Yah, I'm not much of a picture taker! And I lost my camera for a long time... and then lost my only sd card.... and ok, I'm just lazy. But, I finally did it! I posted this picture on my facebook profile in response to facebook taking down breastfeeding pictures that were marked "obscene." I only wish that my toddler was still nursing so I could post a tandem nursing picture with both boobs hanging out! I never did take a tandem nursing picture. :(

Facebook has been chewed out well in other blogs, so I won't go there. I do have a few things to say about breastfeeding though.

Genesis (Bereshith) 3:7 "Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked. And they sewed fig leaves together and made loin coverings for themselves."
LOIN coverings!! Not breast coverings. Eve did not cover her breasts, because she was not ashamed of them! And neither am I. I will not cover up when I nurse. I dare someone to try to tell me that I am responsible for anyone else's lust. That is their issue between them and God. Most of the men I've ever talked to or heard about don't view breastfeeding as sexual anyway. It's their wives who go on anti-breastfeeding campaigns, kick nursing mothers out of churches, say it's a wonderful thing to do "in private," and all because they are scared that their husbands might sneak a peek.
And so what if they do! Yes, breasts are sexual. So, are mouths. In fact, I can think of a whole lot more sexual things to do with my mouth than my breasts. But no one hides their mouths. I will not hide my breasts when I feed my baby. Not in the store or the park or a room full of men and certainly not in church.
Especially not in church, because nursing my baby is glorifying to God. I am using my body for the exact purpose He created it for, and nourishing my baby with His perfectly designed method.
So, the next time I whip out my boob in front of you to feed my baby, feel free to cover your head with a blanket if you're uncomfortable.

Small Business Development Center

I had an appointment with the SBDC today, and found out some great news! I don't need a business license for my type of business. I do need to create a corporation or LLC before I can start doing events, which I already knew. However, I can promote my website and receive income from advertising on my website- all I have to do is register my business name with the state. That's only about $50! I've been holding off on promoting my website, because I didn't want to get myself in trouble. Now I know that I'm good to go. So, next month I'll register the Natural Living Resource Center name and get to work!

BTW the SBDC has been a great resource for me so far. I'm excited to go back and

L cried last night

Yes, that is rare enough that it is actually note worthy. She cried for a few minutes when she was first born, and then again when she was 2 weeks old. She fusses if her teeth are hurting until we get her some Hyland's. She cries occasionally in the car or if she's hungry and I don't notice her telling me right away. She has only cried a handful of times for more than a few minutes without us being able to figure out the cause and fix it.

She was so sad last night and nothing was working! We gave her some Hyland's for her teeth, changed her diaper, I tried to nurse her, we walked, bounced, sang, and snuggled. I put her in the Moby wrap which is usually a sure fix if the cause is tiredness. I finally took her in the bathroom, turned on the shower really hot to steam up the room and turned the lights off. Then I took off my shirt and her onesie, and I bounced with her skin-to-skin. She calmed down right away, but I kept doing if for about 10 minutes. Then she nursed to sleep after that.

We still don't know what was wrong. We have all been sick all week, and Damien and I had headaches with our colds, so we think she might have had one too. Her cry sounded like she was in pain. Poor baby!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Race Issue

D and I were watching the news, and there was a segement on the whole Senate seat fiasco in Illinois. The reporter brought up the race issue, and D and I started talking about it. E said "Race is for cars!"
Yes, honey, we think so too!