Friday, January 30, 2009

If You Give a Mouse A Cookie....

I love these books! We just discovered them last week. They remind me of unschooling.

Here's my version based on the last few days:

If you give a girl a computer
She'll want to watch a show
So, you'll find her a show about horses
When she sees the horses
She'll want to ride one
So, you'll find her a horse to ride
She'll like riding the horse so much
That she'll want to do it all the time
So, she'll go home and sit on the couch
And ride her horse
Then she'll need some reins
So, she'll find a cell phone charger
And she'll need a saddle
So, you'll give her a blanket
And she'll need a helmet
So, she'll find her hat
She'll have so much fun riding
that she'll want you to join her
So, you'll ride her horse too
And you'll both go to the barn with the horse
And the horse will be tired and hurt
So, she'll make the horse better
But she'll need some medicine for the horse
So, you'll get her a water bottle and bandages
And while she's fixing up her horse
She'll see her Go Fish Cards
And she'll ask you to play with her
So, you'll play Go Fish
And when she sees the fish
She'll want to count them
So, you'll count together
Counting will remind her of
Counting the horse's dressage steps on her horse show
And chances are, when she thinks about her horse show
She'll want to use the computer

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  1. That's Awesome! Those books are fun aren't they? :o) And there are lots of them too!