Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheap Natural Body Care

I was thinking today about how much (or little) I spend on body care products. I don't wear makeup. I use Dr. Bronner's for shampoo, body wash and face wash, and I use Almond Oil for lotion. Dr. Bronner's is about $12 for a 32oz bottle and it lasts me about 6 months. Almond Oil is about $10 for a 16oz bottle, which also lasts about 6 months. That's less than $50 a year!

I'm trying to find a good replacement for toothpaste. I used toothsoap for a while, because my mom bought it for me. I loved the ingredients and the way it made my teeth feel, but I don't like the chips. There is something just gross about picking the chips out of the container with my fingers. Even though my hands are clean, I feel like stuff will get on the other chips and grow or something. And toothsoap is expensive! So, I want to find a homemade recipe or buy some kind of toothpowder or liquid, but I can't decide which one.

I'm also looking for a natural deodorant replacement or essential oil perfume, and a good homemade exfoliater. After all that, I should still easily fall under $100 a year for myself and two kids!


  1. We use Tom's flouride free tooth paste, I'm pretty sure the ingredients are simple and natural. Its about $3 a tube but we only use one every few months. I also get a deoderant from vitacost but I don't remember the brand at the moment. Its only 3 bucks or so, works well. Can't help with theexfoliater though :o)

  2. I think Tom's still has sodium laural sulfate and glycerin. I probably just butchered the spelling of both of those.