Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Secure High Back Carry

I put L in a SHBC this morning while I was working around the house. I like it a lot better than the rucksack. She fell asleep while I was doing dishes, so I tucked her head under the side.

After being sick for a week, and then that weird inconsolable crying episode, she's been pretty fussy. She gets really mad every time she poops. Or if she's playing with something and we have to take it from her. She kind of squeals and screams. She's been nursing non-stop, so I think she's going through a growing spurt. She's so close to crawling, but just can't quite do it, and it's making her so frustrated. She just wants to go!

I think wearing her more will help. I stopped wearing her as much as I used to, because its so easy to pass her off to D when he's home and then get things done. Then she's always in-arms, but always sitting down, and that's boring. Now that I have a good back carry figured out, it will be easy to just strap her on and work like I used to.

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