Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Riding Lesson

Sunday was E's first horse back riding lesson. We had scheduled it 3 weeks ago, and she had been really looking forward to it. We drove 40 minutes to get there.... and no one was there! I couldn't believe it! We knocked on the door, went out to the barn, looked all around, called a few times. Nothing.

She was so sad when I said we'd have to leave! She cried and I almost cried for her. We went to the nearest town and got some pizza. While we were there I called around and found another place that does riding lessons, that was able to fit us in that night!

So, three hours, five extra dollars, and 20 miles later, she got her riding lesson, and she had a lot of fun. She got to brush the pony too. It was a little chestnut gelding. Of course, I didn't get any pictures! I left the camera on all day in the car, and by the time I tried to take a picture of her riding, the battery was dead.

The next day the other place called me, and said that they had two calendars going because of the new year, and looked at the wrong one that morning. They thought they didn't have any appointments, so they left for the day. I was hoping for a better excuse, like someone died or something. They did offer to give E a free lesson to make up for it though, so I'll take them up on that. And get pictures this time!

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