Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When they watch the same thing over and over and over

and over and over and.... you get the idea. If you have a young child, you've seen it in action, they will watch the same movie or ask you to read the same book 100 times. It happens here, both because of that typical young child tendency and also because we only own a few movies. We see new ones when we rent or go to the library, but if we don't have any, they are left with the few we own. As annoying as it is, I understand that it is an important part of development.

So, we've seen Brother Bear countless times, but E is still gathering new things from it. Yesterday, she asked why Kenai (the man who gets turned into a bear) was being mean to Koda (the little bear cub) when the cub hadn't done anything to him and was actually trying to help him. She said that wasn't right that he was mean to the cub, just because he was a bear and Kenai didn't like bears. So I told her about stereotypes and we talked about some other stereotypes like about boys liking blue and girls liking pink, which she knows is silly because her daddy wears pink shirts and my favorite color is blue!

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  1. My 9 year old still does this. And he still learns from it even after the bazillionth time. For instance he LOVES Mythbusters and has watched every episode (thanks to Netflix) at least 10 times if not more.)