Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today, E came and showed me pictures of some "machines" she had drawn. One was a "machine that would help people breath if they couldn't breath" and she showed me the air tank and the hose that went to the person's nose.

Then she showed me a picture of her machine to "help people get voices" if they couldn't talk. I had a harder time understanding this one, because my initial thought was that it would talk for the person, so I was asking her "how did the machine know what the person wanted to say?" But apparently I had it all wrong! I *think* it is a machine that actually *gives* people a voice if they can't talk.

Then she showed me a picture of a machine that would give people water. It also had a tank and a hose that went to the person. I asked her where the water came from and she said that "you just have to bring a big, huge bucket of water to fill up the tank." So I asked her where I would get the bucket of water, from the ocean? Or the river? Or the rain? She said the ocean, but then said "wait, you can't drink water from the ocean, can you?" and I told her no and told her about salt water dehydrating people.

Later, I got on youtube and found this while looking for oxygen tanks:

Respiratory Care- Oxygen E Tank

And this, because I was looking for videos on scuba diving tanks:

Turtle Necropolis

This one had video of dead turtles and their bones, so we talked about turtles for a while.
Then I found How To Use An Air Tank in Scuba Diving which talked about this different kinds of tanks.

That led to Nebulizers and we talked about asthma.

Then I found her videos of babies in the NICU using oxygen .

Which led to her wanting to see homebirth videos

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