Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up

Wow, I haven't blogged for a LONG time. It has been a crazy 6 months. Here's the highlights:

My third baby girl- Z - was born December 25th. Yes, that makes her a Christmas baby, no it doesn't matter to me. We celebrate Hanukkah, so she gets 8 days of presents and then her birthday, so I promise she's not missing out on anything. And no, she does not share a birthday with Jesus. ;) She was born at home into my hands after 71 hours of labor- my second homebirth VBAC. I still haven't written up the whole birth story, but I'll be sure to share it here when I do.

On December 31st, we unexpectedly lost our apartment managing jobs. It was a shock since we had perfect or nearly perfect performance evaluations for 2.5 years. They claimed that the new managers could do major renovations, plumbing, electrical etc. that D was not capable of doing, but they had never once told him that he needed to do more than he was doing. So who knows! Now we've heard from a friend who still lives there that they have gone through 3 managers in 4 months. Their loss!

Ultimately, I think it was a God-thing, because we had been praying about what to do/ where to go long term. We knew we didn't want to manage apartments forever! I think this was his way of saying "time to go!" We stayed with my parents in California for a few months and then decided to stay in our home town while D goes to school for firefighting.

The girls are adjusting pretty well here, though E often says how much she misses her friends and L asks to go swimming every day. There is no pool here, which is quite disappointing for them both. There are lots of things that we are all missing- swimming, friends, cultural events, homeschooling groups, events and play days, the ocean, the greenery..... but I do believe this is where YHVH wants us for now, so here we are.

And it's not all bad. I am enjoying the sunshine here after the years of Oregon clouds and rain. It's nice to be near my parents. And we are slowly getting plugged into the community here.

I am going to start posting regularly again to journal our unschooling adventures and my random musings.


  1. I was just thinking about you and your site the other day as when I first started reading your posts we were only just beginning to unschool and were not yet Messianic. Now I run a Christian unschool group on Facebook but there are still very few Messianics (about 5 that I know of.) Anyway, I wanted to say hi and welcome back. I am looking forward to see what God is doing in your lives.

  2. What is the name of your facebook group? Did you find my blog through GCM? If so, what is your username there?

  3. I don't remember how I found your blog-- I think you may have just started blogging then. I remember being excited to find that someone else didn't do Santa for similar reasons-- maybe someone had linked to your page for that? Facebook group is Christian Unschooling (tried to add the link but google just kept giving me word verifications.

    My kids are older (9, 11, 13) and I was never a member of GCM-- God led us to this in a very round about way. :) Am a member of RUN but seldom on.

  4. Just wanted to say-- same person as the first-- Blogger is hating on me today-- after 10 tries with word verification using my google account it still wasn't letting me post. So used the Wordpress one.

  5. Cool, I'll go find the facebook page. Check out GCM www.gentlechristianmothers.com, it's awesome! All different denominations, but a few Messianics, and all different schooling philosophies, but LOTS of homeschoolers, many very relaxed and a few unschoolers too.