Sunday, December 28, 2008

A walk in the dark

Yesterday on the way to the library, E wanted to go to the park. We were almost to the library, and I needed to return books, and she had been asking to go earlier, so I said that we would go to the park today. So, this morning I had a lot of work to do and phone calls to make, and I promised that we would go to the park this after noon. Then D had to go to Home Depot and I had to go to the post office. The plan was to hit the park on the way home- but she fell asleep.

So, by the time she woke up it was dark, but she still wanted to go to the park and a promise is a promise. It was drizzling a little bit, and I wasn't too excited to go, but I bundled up both girls and put L in the Ergo, and off we went. It ended up being really fun! The park is only about 2 blocks away, so it didn't take us long. There were street lights the whole way, but not much light at the park. She played for a few minutes and then wanted to go see the buildings across the street.

On the way over there, she noticed the storm drain. I told her that rain water goes down the storm drain like bath water goes down the tub drain. She thought the whole idea of the street filling up like a bath was pretty funny! Then we checked out some buildings which all looked cool in the dark. We looked at the moon, and an airplane and the few starts we could see through the clouds. We counted the cars that went by, and ran back to the house. Wet and cold and joyful!

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