Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pop Concert

Both girls had their first rehearsal for a local pop concert they will be in. The oldest has done a musical theater production with Broadway songs for the last two years, so this will be different for her. It's the first thing my 4 year old has been old enough for. The rehearsal was 3 hours long!  I wasn't sure how my 4 year old would do, having never done anything like this before, but she did great.   *wrote March 24

 E and L had their first pop concert performance tonight! They did an amazing job!
I can't even believe my 4 year old! She is SO little and the rehearsals were so long sometimes and she'd get tired. I told her a bunch of times that it's ok if she doesn't want to do it, she could always do it when she's bigger if she wants to or not at all. I thought maybe she was just doing it because her sister was and that it might be too much for her, so I made sure to let her know that she didn't have to do it. But she did it! And she can be really reserved around people until she warms up and gets to know them, but she had NO fear in front of that audience tonight.

My 7 year old worked so hard on her dancing and she nailed it!  This is the third performance like this that she has been in (the other two were shows with Broadway show tunes) and she's getting better every time.   *wrote on message board on May 11

The sound isn't great because the performance was a in a gym and my videography leaves a lot to be desired.  They are next to each other in pink and black.  L is the littlest one in the hoodie and E is next to her.  

I was so busy trying to get good shots of my girls (nearly impossible in the semi dark) on this one that the video totally misses what everyone is cheering about.  They were throwing a teenager girl in the air cheerleader style and she was doing all kinds of flips and stunts.  This is the song Diamonds by Rhianna.

Here's another one of that song.

They were in another song too and the finale, but I don't have videos of those.

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