Saturday, August 24, 2013

Reading the Bible

 My 7 year old got out her Bible this morning and said, "When I'm older I'll be able to read this." I reminded her that she CAN read (it's just still slow going at this point) and she said she can read some books, but not the Bible. So I suggested just reading ONE word. We flipped it open and she she read "the," and I closed it and said "See, you can read the Bible!"

"MOM!" she exclaimed.

Then she wanted to read more so she read about 5 words and then asked me to keep reading and I read both girls almost a chapter.

Yesterday and today, they've both been rhyming a lot of words, which leads to them making up some words to get them to rhyme and also stumbling on words they didn't know before and end up asking me the definition. Yesterday it was "par" like when two things are "on par," and this morning they learned "might" and "bask."*

*wrote on message board April 24

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