Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mine Craft Statue

So today, E and I started making a statue of a person on minecraft that has an anatomically correct skeleton inside it's skin. Well, as correct as you can get with everything being square blocks.  We started with a foot and used an anatomy book to look at the bones- phalanges, tarsals, metatarsals, tibia, fibula, patella and femur- and worked our way up. The skin is glass, so we can see through to the bones.

Then we discovered that we were going to end up making it taller than minecraft will allow, so dh suggested that we build it in pieces scattered around and place TNT near it so it looks like we blew the person up. I think he's been playing too many first person shooters. 

So we started building a heart near the leg.  Using lava for blood. *

*wrote on message board May 6

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