Monday, October 10, 2011


A few weeks ago, E told her grandma, "When I'm big like mommy, I still won't know how to read."  Grandma and I encouraged her that she would definitely learn to read and that she was already getting close.  She disagreed, but then wanted to show grandma the words she knows how to write- her name, L's name, pig (I think it's so funny that this one stuck), and we helped her sound out mom and dad and a few other words. 

"You're reading!" we told her.  "You have to be able to read those words to write them!"  She thought that was pretty cool.

A few days ago, she saw and "open" sign and said, "I know what that says!  Open!"

Yesterday, we played a game like hangman, except we don't use the hangman.  I just think up words and write down the number of spaces, and they guess letters until they get the letters in that word.  I did four spaces for "open," she guessed O and E and I wrote them down.  I told her to look at it closely because it was a word she knew how to read.  She studied it for a minute and then exclaimed, "Open!  It says open!  I read it, mom!"    

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