Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meme Wednesdays

I just found this meme at Christian Unschooling and apparently they do one every Wednesday, so I will join in!

“This week I want to…”  remember to take my Calcium and Magnesium. I recently realized that I'm like a bear with a toothache without it, and a pretty decent human being when I take it.   

“The kids are…”  best friends one minute and trying to use each other's heads as bowling balls the next.  Usually friends though.

“I am learning….” to trust Abba.  That has been the theme of the last few weeks- he keeps saying "Trust me."
I am also learning how to make some yummy microwave cakes and bars since my oven broke. 

“I am struggling with…” not struggling.  I am trying to change some of my language and thoughts surrounding conflict.
“This week is the first time….”  I was able to dance Davidic/worship dance with a group since moving here!  We did one dance from Teach Your Feet to Praise The Lord! and another song that I choreographed myself (which was also a first) called Tabernacles by Jonathan Settel.

“I am grateful…” for my parents.  They are so helpful and good to us.

“Our family first started unschooling…..(insert time frame/date, etc)”  when E was 2 years old.  Unschoolers with older kids will say that we aren't really "official" until the age for compulsory schooling comes and goes and we are still unschooling.  They have a point- after all I know several families myself who were "unschooling" until their oldest turned 5 and headed off to kindergarten.  It our case, however, learning about radical unschooling is a big reason I started changing things like tv and food rules when E was 2 years old and it has been a big part of my parenting philosophy since then.  E could have gone to kindergarten this year, but it never crossed my mind- not even when we moved from a city with a large support network of unschoolers to a city where it's been hard to even connect with homeschoolers.  Her birthday misses the cutoff day for compulsory schooling by one day, so we won't have to do anything legally until next year.   

If you use this meme, you can link back to it from Christian Unschooling and post it here too!

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