Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inspiration Sunday

Today we are going to a pumpkin patch and we will try making a pumpkin pie completely from scratch which I have never done before (I've done other pies, but never pumpkin without the can).  Our oven is broken, however, so this will depend on making it to my mom's house to use hers. 

The girls have been taking a dance class and a gymnastics class for a few weeks now.  The last couple of days they have been combining what they have learned in their classes with their own moves, and watching break dancing videos and putting that all together.  Yesterday they spent about 4 hours or more flipping on the couch.  This morning they have been watching this break dancing video and trying to copy what these guys do. 

These guys are incredible!  I wonder how long they have been practicing to get this good. 

This week, if this interest continues, we will look up some more videos.  They are excited to show their dance and gymnastics teachers what they have been doing.  I will take some videos to post as well.

We don't have any other real plans for the week.  Maybe the park.  What are you doing this week?


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