Monday, October 31, 2011

Radical Tuesdays- Curriculum

The next time someone asks me what curriculum we use, I'm going to say youtube.  I usually say "real life," which is true, but so often things come up that would be very difficult to take my kids to see or experience.  Some things, like the tornadoes we just watched, I wouldn't want them to experience too closely!  Youtube lets us see those things that other real people have really seen and video taped.  I love books, I even enjoyed workbooks as a kid.  My kids like the occasional math or reading workbook or coloring books that are designed to "teach" colors and shapes.  However, there is something much more REAL about seeing something someone else has seen.  It lack some aspects of the real life experience, but it is WAY better in other ways than reading about something in a book.      

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