Monday, October 17, 2011

Inevitable Monday

As you may have noticed, I'm doing a day of the week theme here.  I'm trying it out- IT being the daily blogging with the cutesy names- but no promises that there will be an Inevitable Monday or a Radical Tuesday (that's a hint of what's to come tomorrow) post next week.

Why Inevitable?  For those in school and with 9-5 type jobs, Monday is that inevitable and oft dreaded start of the week.  No matter how awesome the weekend was, it is inevitable that when it is over they must get back to the daily grind and wake up bright and early Monday morning.

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What does that have to do with unschooling?  On Mondays it is inevitable that my kids will learn something cool, because they learn something (many things) every day.  So on Inevitable Mondays (if I continue with this Monday theme, no promises remember.  This is in writing, but is not a contract.) I will be posting the things that just come up naturally in life, without me strewing.

Today the topic of interest was snakes!  Yesterday, our neighbor found a snake and when he was done checking it out he let my girls have it.  We were pretty busy last night, so this morning we found out what kind of snake it is.

It is a bull snake, which is often mistaken for a rattlesnake.  Here is how to tell the difference.  Rattlesnakes are the only venomous snake in our neck of the woods, so the girls have been told how to watch and listen for them.  They have never seen one in real life, however, we watched lots of videos today.  Talking about rattlesnakes and finding out what kids of snake this was led to many other kinds of snakes

E holding the bull snake.

L holding the bull snake. 

What learning happened at your house today?  What things came up in the course of life's adventures that you will be learning more about this week?

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