Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today with E

Feeding a dog, walking her, playing with her.
Why do we tell her to sit when she just has to get up again to eat?
Does she have a butt? She poops out of her butt. Why is the other dog barking at her? What is she smelling? Is that cat her friend?

Renting a truck.
The truck is dirty. Why don't we wash it? What's a rental?

Looking at books.
What's that picture? Nuclear fusion. What does that mean?

What are our bodies made out of? Skin, bone, water, blood, organs. What's an organ? What are our eyes made from?

What's the fan made out of? Plastic. What's plastic made from? Oil. What's the paper made from? Trees. How do they do that?

Getting produce at the farm stand.
Apples! No, mangoes. What's a mango? Let's buy one! Let's get onions. Those onions look yucky. Can I put on that lotion? That's hand sanitizer. What's that? How does that work without water?

Feeding the neighbor's fish.
What are those bubbles? Air. Why? So the fish can breathe. But I can't breathe in the water.

I wish I could remember the rest!

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