Friday, October 2, 2009


You never know what you'll learn from watching movies! I got Madagascar from the library for E. While watching it, she asked where the animals in the movie lived and I showed her Madagascar on the globe (which took me a minute to find, because I had no idea where it was). Then she was playing with her cards that have pictures of different types of animals. The backs of the cards tell a little bit about each animal and shows a map of the part of the world in which they live. She was looking at a fish called a Coelacanth, and she noticed that the map showed that the fish lives off the coast of Madagascar. She excitedly pointed this out to me!

Of course, that wasn't the end.... we looked up Coelacanths on youtube which led to other fish, which led to National Geographics youtube page, which lead to their dinosaur video, and so on....

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  1. I LOVE National Geographic! It's one of my favorite channels.