Monday, January 11, 2010

I spy!

E has enjoyed playing I spy in the car for a while now. L has been listening to us and has picked up on it! Last night she started saying "I spy that" and pointing at random things and she was doing it again in the car today. It's so cute and it just cracks E up.

E and I have gotten a little bored of doing I spy the normal way, because in the car there are only so many things we can spy quickly and the other person can spot too before we've driven past them. So, trees, clouds, the sky, signs, lights, cars..... you get the idea. We started playing the game intentionally wrong. I'll say "I spy something green" and E will say "the sky!" or "the car!" and finally "the trees!" and I'll still say No, even when she got it right. Or she'll say "I spy something blue," and I'll say "the sky" and she'll say No, so I'll list off a bunch of other things that aren't blue, then say "the sky" again and when she says yes I act all offended and say "HEY! I already said that!" She gets a kick out of that for some reason and asks me to do it again and again. :)

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