Thursday, January 7, 2010


We just got a membership at YMCA and I'm now quite sure that my girls are part fish! They LOVE the water and are completely fearless. E is learning to swim without any prompting from us. She asked me to show her how to do it, so I showed her the basic movements of the breast stroke and whatever the over the water one is called. She's starting to get the hang of swimming underwater just in the 3 times we've been to the pool. She doesn't want any help, in fact she doesn't want us to touch her at all. She'll be in the water up to her chin and bouncing up and down holding her breath every time she goes down and when she pops up she'll say "don't (down again) touch (don't again) me (down again)." But she does want us to watch and play along as she pretends to be all kinds of animals in the water. She also did some underwater flips for the first time today. I'm glad she's having fun, but since she's so fearless I'll feel much better when she can actually swim.

L is pretty much the same way. She walks in the shallow water and just wonders around splashing while we follow her. She walks into deeper and deeper water and I keep my hand in front of her so she can grab it when she's ready, but she just keeps going. She jumps off the edge too. The first few times, I held her hands while she jumped into the water. But the last time, she sat down on her butt and gave me the grumpiest growl. So I put my hands out to offer to catch her and she turned her face away with her nose stuck up in the air. It was hilarious and she was so serious! I tried so hard not to laugh. I finally figured out that she didn't want me to put my hands out. She would only jump in when I put my hands up in the air and backed away. I don't know how she holds her breath. She keeps her mouth wide open and she comes up with this shocked, upset look on her face, but she never cries. She just wipes the water off and wants to do it again! She also sat down in shallow water and laid her head back. I thought she wanted to float, but no she just wanted to lay back under the water.


  1. I miss you all so much and I used to read your blog. Then I got busy with other things, and somehow forgot to go to your blog every day! I will now faithfully check it, now that I have been reminded that it is here. It helps me stay a little more connected (besides the phone calls) with what E and L and you are doing. I love you!

  2. Love you too! You probably didn't miss much. I usually only post a few times a month, until this recent spree with the marriage posts. As soon as I get a new camera there will be lots more pictures.