Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pencil Sketching

E and L learned some pencil sketching techniques from their great grandma who is visiting my parents this week.  L was especially interested, and they sat together for at least an hour just drawing and talking. They drew lakes, mountains and trees, and they made paper dolls.  L has continued to make more paper dolls at home.

E's waiting for me to get her more paper, not drawing on a book! lol

Their great grandma is an excellent artist, and my parents have several of her paintings hanging up in their living room. She showed us how just recently, she was showing another grandchild how draw rocks in a lake, and when she made a mistake and erased it, a new way to draw rocks dawned on her. She's been drawing for 70 years and she's still learning, not afraid to admit it, and she showed the girls her new technique. That was cool!

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