Friday, December 16, 2011

When did you learn THAT?

On Tuesday, while we were in the car with my mom, E said "Z-O-O spells monkey."  I told her that it didn't and she immediately said, "Oh! No!  It spells zoo!"

I had no idea where she had picked that up.  She tried to explain to me that it was from this electronic game that says the name and sounds of the letters when you push the buttons, but I couldn't remember it saying how to spell any words.

Yesterday, she was talking to someone at the bus stop and said, "Y-O-Y-O spells yoyo."  Again, I had no idea where she had picked that up.

Last night, she showed me what she was talking about when she said she got it from this electronic game.  Each button has a letter and a picture of something that starts with that letter and the name of the picture.  I had never really noticed the names of the pictures, which are in much smaller print than the letters themselves.  So this is where she got the spellings of both zoo and yoyo!

The interesting thing is that not all of the pictures are clear.  For example, the one that says zoo shows a monkey, which is why she said monkey, but somehow she also knew it was supposed to be representing a zoo.  I asked her if she would like to see some other pictures with captions and she said she would, so I'm going to try to find something with simple pictures and captions with them. 

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