Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inevitable Learning- Experiments

No longer Inevitable Mondays, because I rarely get around to recording what actually happens on Monday and I can just do Inevitable Learning posts any day of the week!

We usually go to the library story time on Wednesdays, but today I had one kid who didn't want to and one kid who did.  I didn't really want to go either, so I suggested that we read some books and do a craft at home instead.

Instead of a craft, I decided to look up a science experiment, because last night we were watching Mythbusters and E wanted to do experiments like them.  Most of their experiments involve blowing things up, however, and I doubt our mobile home park management would approve.  So I opted for making completely non-lethal tornadoes and freezing salt water.

The tornadoes connected back to an interest in tornadoes that came up a few weeks ago.  We used these instructions on youtube, but the only glitter we had is glitter glue.  So we tried it!  We ended up with globs of it that we pretended were houses and barns and things getting picked up by the tornado.  It's hard to see in the video, but it actually creates a tunnel effect.   

The freezing salt water experiment just sounded fun.  We put two cups of water in the freezer- one freshwater and one salt water. We'll take them out in a little while and see which one froze harder.  

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