Friday, June 3, 2011

More Numbers

I think it was last week that I posted the link to the addition game E has been playing. After that we started talking about fractions while cooking and I showed her the fractions game on that site. She's been enjoying the games there and has been doing math problems in a workbook. She gets a bit frustrated, but she just keeps pushing herself to do it. A few days ago, she wrote out 10 or so addition problems for herself on a piece of paper. It's like she wants to master it right NOW. I've been using blocks to give her a visual of the problems, which has helped for the problems where the answer is greater than 10 (can't use her fingers).

Today, we were at the breastfeeding support group and there is a blackboard in the room. I drew a line down the middle so she could draw on one side and L could draw on the other and I said something like "there now you each have your own half." She said, "Mom! That's half, like on the game!" so I wrote 1/2 for her and we added 1/2 plus 1/2. Then I erased that line and divided the board into thirds, wrote 1/3 and we added 1/3 plus 1/3 plus 1/3.

For a while, I thought she was so close to reading, and she is still learning how to write more letters and learning more sounds all the time, but lately her interest has been more geared towards math.

I talk so much about E because she is older and doing more, but L has been counting to 10 for a while now, memorized, and also counting objects up to about 4. She learns so much just by listening to E and I!

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