Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cleaning House

After dinner I looked around at my messy house. I could have thought "WHAT A PIG STY! I should have cleaned all morning, so I could spend the afternoon making a nice meal." The thought crossed my mind, but I quickly banished it. I did end up cleaning up the living room, while the girls played with the piano and listened to music. I picked up the balls that E and I had played catch with, and the clothes that she had worn to the garden today. I picked up books L had pulled off the shelf to look at and the stuffed animals they had played with together. I hung up the towel E had used after taking a bath complete with her swimsuit and floaty tube. I threw away a receipt from shopping for (mostly) nutritious food. The mess wasn't so bad when I looked at it as reminders of a fun day.

I never did get the dishes done. I quit cleaning because E wanted me to dance with her. Then we drew some pictures together and painted a balloon. After painting the ballon, E noticed that it wasn't flying up all the way to the ceiling anymore and she thought it was losing helium. I suggested that maybe it was too heavy because of the paint on it. She wanted to test that theory, so I got her a wet paper towel and she washed the paint off. Sure enough, the balloon was able to go all the way to the ceiling once it was clean.

So, do I regret not doing the dishes? Not at all.

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  1. That is an excellent attitude. Right now my kitchen reflects all the projects we did yesterday and today--homemade playdough, bread dough, donuts and fried bread, the kids making French toast on their own for breakfast this morning, playing a game at the kitchen table, 2 friends ver yesterday and one overnight guest.