Monday, June 15, 2009


We've had a really busy couple of days, but I wanted to share a few things we did Thursday. Or Wednesday? hhhhmmm oh well.

I was working in the office, and E was playing right outside the open door. She came running to me to tell me she saw a spider. She has a love/hate relationship with all bugs, but especially spiders. She screams and says she's scared when she sees them, but she's fascinated by them. So, I suggested we go take a closer look at this spider.

It's web was on the fence, right at her eye level. It was a tiny, brown spider- I don't know what kind. We watched it for a long time. At first we thought that it was eating something, but then we saw it drop whatever it had. I commented "Oh, it dropped it's lunch," and E said, "I'll get it some more lunch! Let's catch a bug!" But before she did that, the spider moved to another part of it's web, pulled something off and dropped it. That's when we realized that it was picking little, tiny leaves off it's web. It was cleaning it's house!

I pointed out that part of it's web was broken, and I hoped that it would repair it while we were watching. E said "I'll help fix it! I'll use my stick." So, she ran and got her big walking stick. She almost touched the web with it, and then she realized that wouldn't help. She said, "I think the spider needs to fix his own web."

Then she found several other spiders on the fence, including a really weird looking green one. Later we found some pictures of spiders online. We have done that before- the first time was right after she got bit by a spider and we were trying to figure out what kind. This week I'm going to take her to the zoo or somewhere else that has a bug exhibit. I'll try to remember to take some pictures to post.

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  1. Oh, cool! I understand having a love/hate relationship with bugs. I used to be really scared of spiders, but since having kids my perspective has changed. What a sweet story. <3