Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unassisted Birth

Thanks to Annalise- for posting this on her blog where I found it:

Pamamidwife is Pamela Hines-Powell. Pamela and her apprentice who is now a midwife, Lennon Clark, attended the birth of L.

I love Pamela's view of Unassisted Births! It was her faith in UC and in the female body that was the reason that I trusted her to attend L's birth. I knew that anything that she did would be because I asked her to or it really was a necessary emergency procedure. Nothing was "routine."

I wanted to have a UC with L and I told Pamela that we'd call her if we needed her. She was ok with that. We called her quite a few times during the day and a half of labor before we finally asked her and Lennon to come over. By that time I did need them. It was reassuring to have them there, not so much because of their medical training, but because of the peace and faith in the birth process that they brought with them.

It's rare to find people who have enough confidence in their skills and training, that they don't have to use them just to prove they know how.

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