Friday, May 29, 2009

I Finally Made Her a Map

E has been interested in maps for quite a while now. I think the interest was sparked by the map on Dora the Explorer and watching D and I get maps off the Internet whenever we are going somewhere new. She pretends that random pieces of paper are maps, and she'll give me directions in the car. She always wants to know what street we're on, how we're getting to where we're going, the city and street of our destination, and whether we're turning right or left. I printed a google map of the area around our house, but it was too complicated. It had too many streets that we never go on. So after having it in my to do list for months it seems like (or maybe only weeks, but still way too long), I finally got around to making a custom map that shows the street right about our house and the places that we regularly go.

I made it using the Paint program. Then I found clip art pictures of things to represent the grocery store, our house, the post office, the bank, the park etc. and taped those pictures in their spots. I taped the whole thing to a piece of card-stock like paper so it will be sturdier.

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