Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gates and Elevators

I love watching E make connections between things she has never seen before and things that she's familiar with. Tonight we went on a walk, and at one point the sidewalk ended and there was a red and white striped little fence at the end. E said it looked like the gate that comes down to stop cars from driving over the train tracks when a train is coming. It sure did, and I never would have thought of that! She tried to pull on it, and discovered that it didn't open like a door (in and out) or like a train track gate (up and down). It was just a little piece of fence. Then she looked for a while at the color and felt the texture, and discovered that even though it looks bumpy it was actually smooth.

Then she saw a sign that showed the layout of the empty lots for sale, and they were numbered. The numbers were 1-10, and each number was in white writing inside a black circle. She said it's like an elevator (but she says "alligator" hehe). She asked me to push each button, and say the number so we could go up. So, I pushed all the "buttons" on the sign, and we went up to the top of the building.

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