Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take that, Bill Nye

Something that happened at our home school group today made me think of Bill Nye's recent comment to a home schooling mom who asked him to create a science curriculum.

He responded:
"Use your judgment. The rest of us out here, want your kids to appreciate society and the importance of working together in school and in life. A person working alone will probably not build the future 797 airplane, for example. It takes people who can work with and around people. Carry on."

Today we had 13 kids playing outside together while us moms sat inside and talked and watched out the window.  The kids ranged from 2 to 13 years old.  They spent over an hour taking Interlocking Foam Floor Mats and building boxes and things to play in.  Then they worked together to use all the mats to create a  maze that they could crawl through, and organized games and races through the maze.  All cooperatively, with no arguing, with no parental input, big kids helping the little kids, and since this is a newly formed group, most of them haven't even known each other that long.

Mr. Nye, I happen to think that in 15 years or so, this group would have no problem building a 797 airplane.  Your arrogance and ignorance are astounding.   

Unfortunately, you're not alone.  We had to leave our home school group early so we could get to one of the kids' doctor's appointments, at which the doctor wanted to make sure my 3 year old was getting enough play with other kids since she doesn't attend preschool.  Does anyone see the irony there? 

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