Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clay and Embroidery

The girls have been making lots of things with home made play dough and clay lately.  They have a lot of fun making the play dough, for which I use this recipe for cooked playdough.
These are the most recent creations made with clay:

E made a doll complete with a dress, a hat, hair, and jewelry.  It's hard to see what L made, because it's blurry (D's phone has a terrible lag time when taking pictures), but it is a turtle.    

L asked to learn to sew a few months ago, and we've made doll clothes and pillows.  Then she wanted to make a teddy bear, and we're about 70% done with that.  I don't know much about sewing, so I'm learning as I go so I can help them. The other day, I pulled out the very limited embroidery supplies that I have.  E made a person, L made a window, and Z got the hang of going in and out without tangling up the thread.

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