Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mostly Raw Chocolate Chip Or Chocolate Swirl Cookies

I think these would be considered raw. Or mostly raw. The olive oil isn't, but coconut oil can be. Honey can be, but I don't know about agave nectar. So, whatever! Either way, they are a heck of a lot better than regular old chocolate chip cookies. I love my yummy, vegan cooked chocolate chip cookies, but I made those and these at the same time, and these are way better.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

2 ½ cups raw cashews, ground into flour
¼ cup honey (agave nectar)
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/8 cup olive oil (coconut oil)

Raw Chocolate Chips
2 Tablespoons olive oil (coconut oil)
1 cup cocoa powder ( ½ cocoa, ½ carob)
4 Tablespoons honey (agave nectar)
2 teaspoons vanilla

Grind raw cashews in food processor or blender until it's flour (or leave a few bigger chunks if you want the cookies to be a little crunchy). Mix cashew flour, honey or agave, vanilla extract and oil in a bowl.

Mix all ingredients for chocolate chips in a bowl. Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper and spread chocolate evenly. Place in the freezer until hard (1 hour approx.). Take it out and chop frozen chocolate into chip size pieces. Mix with the dough.

Place tablespoon sized drops of cookie dough on a cookie sheet and place in the fridge until firm. Or just eat them now, even though they are squishy!

Variations: Don't bother with putting the chocolate in the freezer to make chips. Just mix the chocolate into the dough until it's swirled. Now you have Chocolate Swirl Cookies.

These is a combination of two recipes and my own variations.


  1. The olive oil and agave nectar are also raw. Sounds great, I can't wait to try the recipe! But right now I have a big basket of strawberries and I need to decide what I want to do with them. I made that strawberry pie about 3 times in 3 weeks and am ready for something else.

  2. There is some debate on whether high-fat raw foods are actually better than low- or even medium-fat cooked foods. Some people go raw and their health problems get worse, because their diets are mostly all fat (% of calories) and loaded with salt and refined foods like oil and processed sweeteners! So be careful :)

  3. Okay. I immediately had to go make these but I used almond flour instead of cashew with ground coconut (didn't have enough almonds), coconut oil, and carob chips that I had on hand. Excellent. They remind me a lot of raw cookie dough.

  4. If you find another yummy strawberry recipe, let me know!

    Annalise, good to know, thanks! I have been doing about 60% to 70% fruit, and the rest is veges, nuts, and maybe 10% cooked on any given day. I think. When I actually stop to think about percentages, which isn't often. lol

    Heather, that's what I love about raw foods, it's so easy to substitute! I never have everything I need for a recipe, because I get these spur of the moment ideas, google a recipe and just make it with whatever subs I happen to have in my kitchen.

  5. We have a cashew allergy here....I see someone used almond flour. Are there any other choices?

  6. The two original recipes that I combined and modified both called for part oat flour (ground raw oat groats). I suppose you could use that for all of it.