Wednesday, March 25, 2009

30 Days Raw

D and I are going to try to do 30 days eating 80% raw foods, and 100% vegan. We are 4 days into it and it's hard, but I'm feeling good. We've been eating lots of fruit smoothies, green smoothies, salads, and wraps. My mom gave us a platter that has a bunch of different sections. We've been filling that up with fruit, veges, nuts and seeds to snack on throughout the day. The only cooked food we've had at home is fallafel and beans. We cheated a little with Baja Fresh the other day, but it was vegan and our only cooked thing for the day. We also had pizza today on accident. How does one have pizza by accident? We took E to Papa's Pizza because they have an indoor playground, and we couldn't resist the smell. So, we got a salad bar and pizza buffet. I managed to stick to 80% raw- I filled up on salad before I let myself have one peice of pizza. D didn't do so well, but he did eat about 50% salad. And he didn't get any soda!

Even if we don't manage the whole 80% for the whole 30 days, just eating vegan and no processed foods is a huge change for D. I'm really proud of him!

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